logan hasson

Logan Hasson is a software engineer living in New York City.


Logan is a former 6th grade ELA teacher who is currently a Senior Developer at Flatiron School. He's spent the last several years building the school's online learning platform, Learn.co, which aims to train developers in a community-powered, outcomes-driven environment. While there, he's worked across the entire stack, building everything from the command line interface students use to interact with the platform, to real-time notifications, to a continuous integration server that gives students feedback on their test suites within seconds.

Most notably, he built the Learn IDE, a cloud-based, cross-platform development environment that gets students coding quickly without needing to worry about setting up their own development machines.

He also led the front-end integration and back-end work of our initial in-app chat implementation. This work involved managing a relationship with a team of contractors, and writing code to process XMPP events and generate usage analytics.

Logan has a bias towards shipping fast and loves difficult problems he can really sink his teeth into. He currently spends most of this time in Ruby and Elixir, but has the requisite love-hate relationship with JavaScript, doesn't shy away from the occasional Bash script, and even has a bit of Go code in production (long story). He's also comfortable whipping together Chef recipes and building Docker images.

Logan plays the violin from time to time, does a bit of improv on the side, and has the best looking dog in town.