Logan Hasson is a software engineer living in New York City.


Here are a few things Logan has worked on. These days, he does most of his work on GitHub here and here. Much of it is in private repos, though, so feel free to reach out if you'd like to see more.


Learn IDE

The Learn IDE is a cloud-based, cross-platform development environment that students use to get coding as quickly as possible. The front end is a fork of the Atom text editor and the back end consists of a couple of Elixir applications that interface with Rkt pods.

An additional web application allows admins to monitor the health of the system and jump into users' terminal sessions in real-time.


learn-co Gem

The learn-co Ruby gem is a collection of gems that allows users to interact with the platform via the command line. It is their primary means of forking labs, running test suites for Ruby, JavaScript, Swift, Objective-C, Java, and Python code, and submitting pull requests.


Campaign 2016 Live Sentiment Analysis

In an effort to learn Elixir, this little application listened to the Twitter firehose for mentions of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It then ran some rudimentary sentiment analysis on those tweets, and graphed them in various ways in real time. This thing is full of memory leaks, the JavaScript is pretty gnarly, and boy does it do math on those tweets with a remarkable degree of inefficiency, but this was a fun way to pick up a new language.


Mapping the 2014 Twitter Link Chain

Back in 2014, there was a massive Twitter link chain that began with one guy posting a link to a page that returned a 404. Then somebody linked to his tweet. And somebody linked to that tweet. And then it got crazy. I wanted to figure out what this giant graph of back links looked like, so I wrote a little program to map it out. Here's a related blog post that describes how it works and what the results were.